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Privacy Policy

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Become a member or not; Your personal data, which you enter for shopping purposes, are only used for communication and delivery purposes in the system. It is protected by our infrastructure with Digital Security measures.

If you make a written request for the complete destruction of your data, the relevant data will be completely deleted after a reply e-mail is sent to you within 60 days.
Your personal data is obtained from our website, which is connected with an SSL certificate in https protocol, this data is shared by Wix etc. It is stored on the infrastructures and in the database from which professional hosting service is received. Database access is provided only with closed network structure and IP-based access restriction, there is also periodically changing access encryption in database access.

Safe storage of your personal data, unlawful processing,
All the administrative and technical measures taken by within the framework of the principles in Article 12 of the KVKK in order to prevent access to the data and to destroy the data in accordance with the law are listed below:

A. Administrative Measures:
1- Personnel required to have admin access to stored personal data as per job description
limits with.
2- Regarding the sharing of personal data, it is never shared with any second party. (In case you commit a crime or are wanted, we can only share it if requested by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the General Directorate of Security.)
B. Technical Measures:
1- The destruction of personal data is ensured in a way that cannot be recycled and leaves no audit trail.
2- In accordance with Article 12 of the Law, all kinds of digital media where personal data are stored,
It is protected by encrypted or cryptographic methods to meet information security requirements.
3- Your Credit Card Information is not stored.
4- With our PAYTR-based credit card withdrawal system, you can shop safely with secure virtual pos service.
The cookie data used by your browser or device has no connection with us. We cannot access or see them. Have it in mind.


If you register on our website, we store your chosen username and e-mail address and any additional personal information added to your user profile. You can view, edit or delete your personal information at any time. This data is used only for shopping communication and delivery.

We use Google Analytics on our site for anonymous reporting of site usage. Thus, no personalized data is stored. If you wish to disable Google Analytics, which monitors your behavior on our website, please use the link: Google Analytics Opt-out.
1. We use SSL / HTTPS protocol throughout our site. This encrypts our user communication with servers so that personally identifiable information cannot be intercepted / intercepted by unauthorized third parties.
2. In the event of a data breach, system administrators will promptly take all necessary steps to ensure system integrity, contact affected users and attempt to reset passwords if necessary.
3. We have a credit card payment system with PAYTR & Wix infrastructure. You can safely shop with virtual pos service.

We may rarely change this Privacy Policy. In case of technical or textual edits, the information will not be sent to you.
When we change a service/policy that will affect you (member-customer, etc.), we will ask you to see and accept the changes for your permission.
However, such cases are rare or none at all.​ 


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