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We are doing a completely organic, drug-free, chemical preservative-free technical beekeeping. "Raw Honey" is the same honey that the bee eats in the hidden forest.

Our region, which is taken under protection by the Ministry of Forestry, is known as the LONGOZ FORESTS and STRANDZHA MOUNTAINS.  We are a young family engaged in beekeeping in the depths of an isolated forest with our “pure blood honey bee unique to the region”.

Our honey, which comes out of these forests, has a unique woody smell and high taste. It is a honey that stands out with its high antioxidant and mineral values. This honey has received the "Geographical Indication Registration".

Please review our article for scientific findings about it being a powerful and high nutrient.

Being a conscientious, faithful and contemporary person comes before professionalism for us.

We are just a phone call away or a few clicks away to meet.





There are very valuable forests and a wonderful nature in our world and in Turkey. These forests are our most valuable treasures so that human beings can lead a quality life and transfer the world heritage to future generations.


We started this journey by loving trees whose roots, stems, leaves, fruits, flowers, secretions, gums, fruits and every part of them are beneficial.
We started to love the forests more and more...


Along with loving forests and wildlife; We have become lovers of thyme, lavender, nettle, chamomile, rose, linden and thousands of other flowers. Let's not forget the mushrooms, of course. :)


Then bees and honey became our friends as we loved trees and plants.


We live in a world where we owe about 70% of the food and agricultural products we eat and consume to bees. We want everyone to realize the value of bees and bee products. As a nature lover; We believe and struggle that all agricultural and livestock activities should be done in healthy, natural and self-contained ways.

We wish you to have a land / garden, planted fruit trees, flowers and bees. :)

Thank you for your time.

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