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Oak Honey

Updated: Aug 18, 2023


We do beekeeping in the "Kırklareli Longoz Forest", one of the few protected areas in Turkey.

This area is a wildlife center called the "Isolated Zone". It has a very valuable and ancient potential in terms of tree species, flower species, mushroom species, insect species, deer, fox, gazelle and rabbit.

In this region, which is under protection by the Ministry of Forestry, breeding work (by the ministry) is carried out for the local bee species here. In this context, we are a young family engaged in beekeeping in the depths of the forest in an isolated region with this "pure blood honey bee specific to the region".

The honey that comes out of here is a high food that stands out with its unique smell, taste, antioxidant and mineral values. As Kırklareli Oak Honey, our honey that comes out of our region has received the "Geographical Indication Registration". The awareness of Oak Honey in the world is increasing every year. It is possible to come across this honey in similar ecotypes in different parts of the world.


These aquatic forests are lush like rainforests. However, like rainforests, it is not only dependent on precipitation and air humidity, but rather on 'ground water'. With these features, it resembles the 'mangrove' forests of tropical regions. Longoz forests are rare ecosystems.


Oak Honey: In oak forests, it is honey produced by bees from "a special liquid that seeps from the oak tree".

  • When in a jar, it is in dark brown and black tones close to black.

  • Compared to many different honeys, it contains approximately 5 times more antioxidant substances and minerals. (Black Sea Documented by the Technical University.*)

  • It is considered as one of the non-freezing honeys. However, due to the flower pollen added by the bees unintentionally, this honey can freeze in a certain period of time and under certain conditions.


Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) Faculty of Science, Biochemistry Department Lecturer Prof. Dr. Sevgi Kolaylı, stating that oak honey is rich in phenolic components, said, “It has 5 times more antioxidant character. This means that oak honey has a high-strengthening effect on the body's defense system. (TRT News*)

“Oak honey is a glandular honey. The temperature difference caused by the oak tree being hot during the day and cold at night in June and July causes secretion in the oak leaves. Oak honey is formed when the resulting epidemic is collected by the bees, transported to the hive and transformed into honey. It is a dark brown color close to black, slightly bitter taste, high viscosity honey. It is known to contain more antioxidant substances and minerals compared to light-colored honey.”

OAK HONEY, made by Purebred Kırklareli Bee living in Kırklareli Isolated Region, received Geographical Indication Registration in 2021.


It has a more intense, not bitter, delicious flavor than flower honey. Its smell may remind of chestnut honey. It may not feel like a lot of sugar in the mouth.

Is it tasty?

It smells like musk and is delicious.

Does oak honey freeze?

Monofloral does not freeze in its pure state. However, this is theoretical. So your bees should not have added any other flower pollen, which is almost impossible. This will reveal the freezing feature of honey. Therefore, no matter how dark and high forest origin, it will start to freeze after a long time as it waits.

(Unprocessed raw honey may have a tendency to set.)


According to studies, it has more antioxidant character than other honeys. It is a very high quality honey in terms of phenolic components. Caffeic acid phenethyl ester, gallic acid and ellagic acid, which are at the beginning of these components, are known to fight against many diseases and cancer types. Its antiviral, antitumor, antiulcer effects are known.

It is known that its contribution to body defense is quite high. It is beneficial against lung and chest diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

Like any real honey, it is intestinal and stomach friendly. It is very useful against ailments such as indigestion and viral intestinal infection.

It is used externally for skin care and hair care, wounds and burns.

It is good for those who want clarity of mind, who want to get rid of fatigue, who want to give up sugar and eat healthy and energetic natural sugar. In addition, diabetics can consume it regularly and in moderation with peace of mind.

The dark color of this honey is also seen as proof that it contains more antioxidants than light-colored honey.

These benefits have been compiled with traditional and scientific findings.

Our honey is never medicine. It can be consumed as food with peace of mind.

If you want to contribute to the benefit of society by sharing your experiences, ideas and suggestions, you can write to us.

Healthy days

Eat well. Live well.

Turkish Oak Honey

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