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"Hedera helix" or common ivy is found in its native habitat in forests throughout Turkey, western Europe,  and including Ireland. 


The small green flowers open in September until the first hard frost hits in late October. The flowers produce nectar and pollen for our bees late in the year.


When hundreds of these ivy plants are together, our beehives are in the forest. Our bees go to the flowers of these vines at a high rate and this wonderful Ivy Honey comes out. 


Ivy Honey is dark amber in color. But it will freeze in a short time, like butter. Reaches transitional colors reminiscent of olive oil. It has a strong medicinal taste.


Ivy honey is used as an anti-inflammatory for the lungs, spleen, liver and Kidneys. The cough relieving properties are attributed to the unique compound “Hederacoside C” which is present in pure ivy honey.


◆ No pesticides or pesticides are used on the bees and around.


◆ Our bees are fixed in the Longoz Forests declared as "Isolated Zone" by the Republic of Turkey.


◆ We are in the unmanned forest area. Our region consists of deep oak forests on the Black Sea Coast, in the continuation of the Yıldız Mountains and the Istranca Mountains. It is a wonderful shade rich in wildlife and vegetation.

Ivy Honey

  • If you are not satisfied with the product, we can take a refund if it is half full.

    After receiving the product, you can return it within 90 days for any reason.


    The product to be returned must not contain any objects or mixtures-changes.


    * If a product is returned, we will no longer sell it. We consume it ourselves at home or give it to anyone who accepts it for free. 

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