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Oak Honey

Premium Oak Honey from depths of forest. With its unique aroma and color; The choice of those who love the forest.

◆ Its antioxidant value is higher than other honeys.

◆ Compared to other honeys, it contains more ash and mineral value. Even the Liter/Gram Volume ratio is different. 

◆ It is freely produced by bees with organic (zero chemical) methods. 

◆ No pesticides or pesticides are used on the bees and around. 

◆ Our bees are fixed in the Longoz Forests declared as "Isolated Zone" by the Republic of Turkey. 

◆ We are in the unmanned forest area. Our region consists of deep oak forests on the Black Sea Coast, in the continuation of the Yıldız Mountains and the Istranca Mountains. It is a wonderful shade rich in wildlife and vegetation.


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